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Professional manufacturer of acoustic test instruments.


Company information

Company information

20 years of experience in this business.
Shenzhen Baichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales of test speakers, Bluetooth headsets, microphones, microphone heads and other acoustic instruments and instruments. In the past few years, Baichuan Electronics has provided customers with a full range of services with leading technology, reasonable price, and prompt delivery, from equipment selection, configuration, installation to commissioning, providing one-stop service. Adhering to the business philosophy of honesty, fairness and innovation, pragmatism, harmony and wealth, and “sincere service” as the company’s purpose. The company will unremittingly devote itself to the needs of customers and strive to create characteristics in three aspects: product quality, variety and maintenance services. At the same time, we will unremittingly devote ourselves to the tempering of the quality of our employees, and pray that we will use our hearts to carry customers, use our feelings to affect customers, and use our true reputation for customers. My colleagues in the company are grateful and thank you for your continuous and ardent guidance and encouragement, let us work together to establish sincere cooperation that transcends the buying and selling relationship. Thanks again “you” for your support!

Phone: +86-13302916851
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Address: Xianglong Building, Heping Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.

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