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Technical specification:

A. Display: Displayed in 3 ¾digits.

B. Accuracy: Fo readout error less than ± ( 1% + 1Hz )

C. Measuring Range: 4 ranges from 16Hz to 3KHz,

( a ) 16Hz - 80Hz ; ( b ) 54Hz - 270Hz. ( c ) 180Hz - 900Hz ; ( d ) 600Hz - 3KHz.

D. Fo measuring voltage added on the pre-measure loudspeaker: 1V r.m.s. ± 10%( complies with EIA standard ).

E. Can test the impedance of an under-testing loudspeaker: Divided into two ranges, which are (1) 3Ω to 18Ω; (2) 19Ωto 100Ω.

F. Measuring Speed: 〝 Fo Readout 〞in 1 to 1.5 seconds.

〝PASS / FAIL Test〞in 0.3 to 0.7 second.

G. Limit Setting: Both the upper & lower limits of a loudspeaker can be preset independently from 16Hz to 3KHz, and have no interference with each other.

H. Limitation in usage: Model-7117C can not be used to measure the Fo value of an air suspension loudspeaker, including those loudspeakers which are air tight frame, since their Q.o. values are too low to measure.

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Model – 7117C has the following two main functions:

A.Model-7117C can measure the Fo value of a loudspeaker fully automatically, no need of manual adjustment of the instrument. The correct Fo value of a loudspeaker is being displayed on the〝 DISPLAY PANEL〞( 14 ) in just 1 to 1.5 seconds. It has many advantages than by using a voltmeter with a needle indicator for measuring the Fo value of a loudspeaker:

( a ) Easy to read; ( b ) No visual error; ( c ) High accuracy.

B. Model-7117C can be used in a production line: , high speed judging if Fo value of every loudspeaker is within the qualified range, Judging speed is as fast as in just 0.3 to 0.7 second, the “ PASS / FAIL Test” functions will be indicated instantly.


A. Based on the impedance of an under-testing loudspeaker, choose either press in or press out the “ Impedance range push-button” ( 2 ). Which is 3Ω∼18Ω or 19Ω∼100 Ω range.

B. Determine roughly the Fo value of a pre-measure loudspeaker, and choose the most appropriate range from “ Fo frequency range push-buttons “ ( 8 ) to ( 11 ) .

C. To measure the〝value〞of Fo, user is required to flick down switch ( 12 ) to 〝Fo Readout〞position,〔when switch ( 12 ) is being flicked down, and if a pre-measure loudspeaker is not yet been connected, although〝DISPLAY PANEL〞will still display digits, user can ignore it. Once the loudspeaker is being connected, the correct Fo value will display instantly〕. And press-in the “Test (3) push-button”, to execute the testing, user may temporarily ignore the lower limit (5) and upper limit (4) push-buttons, then, connect the pre-measure loudspeaker to the output testing terminals at the lower right corner of the instrument ( 16 ), then, the actual Fo value will be displayed at once on the 〝 DISPLAY PANEL 〞, measuring time is approx. 1 to 1.5 seconds.

Note: Before selecting the “Fo frequency range” push-buttons (8-11) and press in the “Test” push-button (3) , please don’t connect any loudspeaker or load on the “Output testing terminals” (16); user should select first the desired “Fo frequency range” and press in the “Testing” push-button, then, user may connect the under-testing loudspeaker to the instrument, to test the correct Fo value.

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