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ZC5820 speaker life tester

Brief introduction

As an upgraded model of the original ZC1681 series, the ZC5820 multi-channel speaker life tester has changed the original MCU control to an industrial computer, providing a basis for realizing instant communication, remote control and other intelligent operations. This is a multi-channel, multi-function power test equipment. The user can store the test signal in the computer and play it through a professional sound card, and its stability is greatly improved; the parameters of the signal after power amplification are guaranteed to be consistent with the original signal. Each output has a separate measurement system, which can measure the actual voltage, current, DC resistance, temperature rise, product status and other data of each channel. The biggest highlight of this product is the data storage and processing, as well as the visual graphical interface, which can display the current status more conveniently and intuitively, save all the data, and facilitate the analysis of the product after the test.

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Scope of application

Mobile phone speakers, receivers, MP3, tablet computers, laptop speakers, low-power TV speakers, etc.

  • Signal source: built-in sine wave generator and frequency sweep controller, can be stored in various formats of audio files
  • Two sets of voltages can be arbitrarily set up to 20 channels at the same time to monitor, automatically record and display voltage/current/DCR/temperature rise/test time and status
  • The test voltage is automatically corrected, the accuracy can reach ≤1%, and the display is 0.001V
  • 8-inch LCD panel, richer display content, larger fonts, easy to observe
  • Interface: front panel signal data input interface (USB), rear panel USB, LAN network port
  • Temperature rise measurement range: 0~200℃, measurement accuracy ≤5%±1℃
  • Support multiple working modes: continuous, intermittent, and debugging. Among them, the minimum interval supports 0.5s, and the voltage can still be accurately measured


Model ZC5820
Maximum number of connectable channels 20 channels, divided into two groups, channels 1~10 are one group, and channels 11~20 are another group, Each group of test parameters (including signal type) can be set independently. The voltage of each channel can be automatically corrected.
Aging test time 0000:00:00~9999:59:59, Maximum is 9999h, Can be set arbitrarily
Monitoring method 20 Simultaneous monitoring, Automatically record and display
State judgment Open circuit, short circuit, or impedance is too low, overvoltage, overcurrent
Fault warning The location of the faulty channel is displayed on the screen
HMI Industrial computer control, keyboard, and mouse input
Sine wave signal generator The built-in sine wave generator
Test frequency range 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Frequency accuracy ±0.05%
Frequency stability Better than 60ppm
Total harmonic distortion (THD) ≤0.5% @1w,1k Sine
Optional sweep function Linear, logarithmic
Audio program source
Play format MP3、WMA、WAV (Flac and other formats are also available through the player)
Power amplifier
Maximum output power per channel 12W
Maximum total output power 300 W
Frequency response 20Hz~20,000Hz(±0.25dB)
Load impedance 4Ω~120Ω
Maximum test current ≤1.500A
Adjustable range of output voltage 0.2V~12V(The adjustment accuracy is 0.001V)
Instrument interface USB And network interface
New features
Automatic voltage correction Precision ≤2%
True RMS measurement voltage Precision ≤2%
Temperature rise measurement Range 0~200°C,Precision ≤5%±1°C
Voice coil DCR resistance measurement Precision ≤0.5%(1Ω~40Ω)
F0 test range ——
High-quality audio output Soundcard playback source
Real-time parameter storage Real-time voltage, current, resistance, temperature (txt format saves the entire set of data at the fastest 1s, and excel format saves the entire set of data at 6s at the fastest)
Reserved function
Noise generator 20Hz~20kHz adjustable bandpass filter
Physical dimension 450mm*190mm*570mm
Net weight 20kg

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