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Audio Analyzer A6

A6 is a 4-channel audio analyzer with 2 channels of analog output/4 channels of analog input, as well as a digital interface (AES/EBU/TOSLINK/SPDIF) with a sampling rate of up to 216K, designed specifically for typical 4-channel power amplifiers in the automotive audio industry. In addition, the input output interface can be extended through optional digital modules such as DSIO/PDM/BT/HDMI.

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The A6 is a 4-channel audio analyzer with 2-channel analog output/4-channel analog input and a digital interface (AES/EBU/TOSLINK/SPDIF) with sampling rates up to 216K, designed for quad amplifiers typical of the automotive audio industry. In addition, the input and output interfaces can be expanded by optional digital modules DSIO/PDM/BT/HDMI, etc.

Key features:

  • Fully benchmarked against AP’s APx526 audio analyzer
  • SPDIF/TOSLINK/AES/EBU digital interface is supported as standard
  • Support BT/HDMI/I2S/PDM and other digital interface expansion
  • Complete and powerful electroacoustic analyzer functions
  • Code-free automation and comprehensive API interface
  • Supports Dolby & DTS digital streaming
  • The universal software platform, generates a variety of formats of reports and pictures, easy to share
  • A new generation of software interface, supporting one-click testing, intelligent setting, data graphic judgment, advanced settings, etc


  • Level/Gain/Phase Level & Gain & Phase
  • Channel Balance/Level Ratio
  • Frequency Response
  • Total harmonic distortion plus noise THD+N
  • Intermodulation distortion IMD
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Noise/Noise
  • Separation/Crosstalk
  • Interchannel phase
  • DC Level DC Level
  • Frequency Measurement
  • Test recorder Measurement Recorder
  • Step Level Sweep
  • Step Frequency Sweep
  • Common-mode rejection ratio CMRR
  • Oscilloscope/Spectrometer/Scope Monitor/Spectrum
  • DC Level Sweep
  • Q-peak noise

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