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ZC2893A Impedance Tester

  • Using microprocessor control and digital measurement technology
  • Frequency and impedance dual display window
  • Use the constant current method to test. A total of five constant test currents
  • Built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, test frequency can be set arbitrarily
  • Three working modes: 400Hz/1kHz, arbitrary frequency and sweep frequency test
  • With sorting setting and discrimination indication function
  • Short-circuit clearing to eliminate test lead errors
  • Suitable for fast testing of the speaker and magnetic head impedance and characteristic analysis of impedance frequency

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Model ZC2893A
Test parameters Impedance |Z|
Clear “0” Short circuit clear “0”
Range method automatic/manual
Measuring end 2 terminals
monitor LED display, frequency 4 digits, impedance 4 digits
Test signal
Test frequency Fixed frequency: 400Hz, 1kHz

Manual adjustment: 20Hz-8kHz

Sweep frequency range: 50Hz-3999Hz

Frequency accuracy ±1Hz
Test current 100mA,50mA,10mA,1mA,0.1mA
Current accuracy ±5%
Impedance test range 0.1Ω-20kΩ
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Comparators PASS, FALL, beep when qualified

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