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BK-600A Internal-Resistance-of-Battery Meter

BK-600A model adds the functionality of communicating with PC and data

storage. Each PC can connect with up to 15 lower computers(BK-600A).

Other new functionalities include finish-test indication light( indicates

the test has finished), I/0 port for alarms, offline saving data of up to 100

batteries, and a 50 mΩ internal resistance benchmark calibration function.

1、low range: 0~6.0000V ±0.01%rdg. ±3dgt. - ±1mV

high range 0~60.000V ±0.01%rdg. ±3dgt. ±10mV

2、Resistance: 3ranges: 30/300/3000mÙ

low range :        0~33.000mÙ Testing current100mA ±0.3%rdg. ±0.01mÙ.

midium range: 0~330.00mÙ Testing current 10mA ±0.3%rdg. ±0.01mÙ.

high range:      0~3300.0mÙ Testing current 1mA ±0.3%rdg.±0.1mÙ.

ultra-low range: 0~3.3000mÙ Testing current 100mA ±1%rdg. ±10dgt.

(Note: ultra-low range measurement is only included in the special edition)

3、Alternating current frequency: 1KHZ±0.1KHZ

4、Tests frequency:3 tests/second

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BK-600A Internal-Resistance-of-Battery Meter is a new meter model measuring

a battery’s internal resistance and voltage using alternating current. It is

easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. The tester makes use of four-wire

clamp to eliminate the measuring error caused by contact resistance. It will

alarm when the internal resistance and voltage of the battery go out of bounds

defined by the users.


Recognizing the fact that a battery can be modeled as a voltage source in series

with a resistor, our tester applies 1000 Hz, 10mA constant alternating current to the

tested batteries then processes their procedures such as voltage sampling,

rectification, filtration, to precisely get their resistance values. The testing makes use

of a four-wire clamp, effectively eliminating the measurement error caused by contact

resistance and improving the accuracy. This equipment can also transfer the

resistance and voltage data to PC and has features such as data storage and

screening batteries.

1、Temperature to ensure precision:20℃±5℃

2、Working temperature:0℃~40℃

3、Input power: Altenating Current 220V/50HZ

4、Power consumption≤10W



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