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Electroacoustic analysis system/

CRY6151B Electroacoustic analysis system

CRY6151B is a full-featured electroacoustic device tester newly launched by CRY Sound. It is powerful and stable. It can measure the performance indicators of headphones (USB, Bluetooth, anti-noise), microphones (electret, MEMS, moving-coil type), headphone and microphone assemblies, receivers/headphone speakers, speakers/loudspeakers (common, Bluetooth), loudspeaker crossover devices, and other electroacoustic devices, such as sensitivity (SPL), impedance, distortion (THD), resonance frequency F0, left and right headphone balance, left and right headphone position, phase polarity, microphone current and voltage, SNR, microphone directivity, speaker's TS parameters, telephone receiving and sending loudness ratings, etc. Its test frequency range can be up to 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

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CRY6151B electroacoustic analyzer is the newest electro-acoustic analyzer with powerful functions and strong stability. It can measure the performance of a headset(USB, Bluetooth, ANC), microphone(electret, dynamic, and MEMS), receiver, micro speaker, loudspeaker, communication helmet, etc. The measurement parameters include frequency response, sensitivity, impedance, distortion, resonant frequency(F0), balance, the position of headphones, phase polarity, current and voltage of microphone, signal-to-noise ratio(SNR), directivity, T&S parameters, loudness rating, and so on.



1、CRY6151B has high-performance hardware scalable for synchronous 8-channel acquisition/4-channel output.

2、Its hardware includes a sound card module, power amplifier module, signal processing module, USB communication module. It is combined with software to perform various electroacoustic device tests.

3、Its compact chassis design and simple USB data communication method can meet customers’ various test environment requirements.


1、CRY6151 V8.X supports WinXP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit) systems (corresponding drivers to be installed. It is necessary to inform the specific operating environment). It has a user-friendly interface and powerful operation functions.

2、It supports a variety of sweep methods, including effective value, fast-stepping sweep, high precision stepping sweep, multi-tone test, white noise, pink noise, etc. Choose different methods according to different test occasions and test needs.

3、The frequency response, sensitivity (SPL), distortion, impedance, F0, phase, balance, polarity, and other parameters can be measured and determined in one sweep, with the higher test accuracy and faster speed.

4、It is the earliest domestic instrument that can test Bluetooth audio. It is automatically paired without a manual click.

5、It has a powerful sequence editing function, virtual signal generator, multimeter, and complete storage function so that it is fully suitable for customers’ applications in laboratories and production lines.

Sound card (model CRY6138)

Number of channels 4-channel input / 4-channel output (scalable to 8-channel input / 4-channel output)
Sampling rate All channels for simultaneous sampling at 44.1 kHz – 192 kHz, with 24-bit
The dynamic range of input 115 dB typical value
The dynamic range of output 115 dB typical value
Noise floor -115 dBV (1.8 UV), bandwidth 20 Hz – 22 kHz, A-weighted
Input/output coupling mode AC
Frequency Response 20~20kHz(± 0.1dB)
THD@1KHz 0.001%
Crosstalk @ 1 kHz -118dB

 Signal input

Input amplitude range Electric signal (- 90 dB to +10 dB); acoustic signal (40 dB – 140 dB)
Max. input voltage 3V
Noise floor -105dBV(5.6uV)
ICP microphone power supply 4-way 2 mA (24 VDC)
Traditional microphone power supply 2-way traditional dual power supply (DB9, software to be customized)
EMC electret MIC power supply 0 – 6.25 V (software control)
EMC electret MIC resistance 0 – 10 kΩ (software control)


EMC electret MIC current 0~1mA(±1%)
Loudspeaker impedance 0~2kΩ(±1%), supporting difference, single end

Digital I/O

Output 8-bit output, Max. current = 10 mA
Input 1-bit input (footswitch)
Level High-level +5V, low-level GND


Optional accessories CRY series mouth and ear simulators

CRY series microphone and preamplifier

CRY574PRO Bluetooth Dongle

Power supply 50Hz,220V ± 10%
Operating environment 0~+40℃, RH ≤ 80%
Dimension 330mm X 280mm X 75mm



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