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CRY5620 Microphone tester

CRY5620 Microphone Tester can test many types of microphones, such as electret and MEMS. This instrument adopts SCM control and combines digital-analog processing technology, signal set generation, signal processing, and data display. It can display the sensitivity of a microphone at low, medium, and high frequencies, as well as the microphone current. Featured by easy-to-operation, user-friendly setup interface, and fast and accurate testing, it is ideal for production lines and metrological service organizations.

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Product advantages

  • The hardware combines SCM control and digital-analog mode and has an accurate frequency signal generation module, an excellent signal conditioning module, and a dynamic display module of real-time data.
  • Low, medium, and high test frequencies can be selected. It can quickly set indicators for determination, such as sensitivity, and upper and lower limits for acceptable microphone current, and can output the result on whether a value is acceptable.
  • Meanwhile, it has analog and digital input terminals, and customers can choose based on test products. Each 10 dB will be considered as a measuring range, so meeting the test needs of various microphones.
  • The test data is displayed in more user-friendly units for analog and digital microphones. When the user selects the analog test, the default unit of such sensitivity test will be dBV; when the digital test is selected, the sensitivity test result will be displayed in dBFS by default.
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Frequency measurement range

Low-frequency band Modulatable within 50 Hz – 199 Hz; 70 Hz as a typical measuring point, 1 Hz/step
Medium frequency band Modulatable within 0.5kHz – 1.9kHz; 1kHz as a typical measuring point, 100Hz/step
High-frequency band Modulatable within 2kHz – 16kHz; 5kHz as a typical measuring point, 100Hz/step

Signal amplitude measurement

Amplitude range -80.00 dB to 0 dB; resolution = 0.01 dB, based on 1 V
Measuring range equation 10 dB/shift
Dynamic Range 30 dB, error ≤ ±0.5 dB
Current measurement range 1 μA – 999 μA, resolution = 1 μA

Microphone measurement conditions

Analog microphone Operating voltage: 1.8 V, 2 V, 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, 4 V, 4.5 V, and 5 V can be selected, with an error ≤ ±3%.
Current limiting resistance: 680 Ω, 1 kΩ, 1.5 kΩ, 2 kΩ, 2.2 kΩ, 2.7 kΩ, 3 kΩ, and 4.7 kΩ can be selected.
Digital Microphone Operating voltage: 1.8 V, 2 V, 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, and 4 V can be selected, with an error ≤ ±3%.
Operating frequency: modulatable within 0.6 MHz – 4 MHz, 0.1 MHz/step, error ≤ ±2%

Other specifications

Current measurement range 1 μA – 999 μA, resolution = 1 μA
Step output interface DB9
Refresh rate OSD 0.3s
Power supply 50Hz,220V±10%
Operating environment 0 – 40℃; RH ≤ 80%
Dimension (mm) 327×295×129

Mouth simulator

Output sound pressure 84 dB – 104 dB, three-way and independent modulation
Frequency Response ≤±1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤1%(94dB)

Configuration checklist

Main unit 1 set
CRY602 Mouth Simulator 1 pcs
Power cord 1 pcs
Input line of digital microphone 1 pcs
Input line of analog microphone 1 pcs

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