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Coating thickness gauge 4500

Standard version 4500 for Integrated dual-use coating thickness gauge

1. It can quickly and accurately measure the coating thickness of various magnetic metal substrates (magnetic method) and non-magnetic metal substrates (eddy current method);

2. One-handed design, the perfect combination of structural design in line with human mechanics;

3. It can quickly and automatically identify iron matrix and non-iron matrix, and conduct the one-key test;

4. The instrument can be accurately calibrated by single-point calibration and multi-point calibration;

5. Low power consumption is more power saving, low power alarm;

6. With a backlight display screen and buzzer prompt;

7. High wear-resistant probe, no less than 800000 measurements;

8. Multiple measurement modes: single point measurement and continuous measurement;

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Standard version 4500 for Integrated dual-use coating thickness gauge

The integrated dual-purpose coating thickness gauge 4500 can quickly and accurately detect the coating thickness on the metal substrate. The instrument fully conforms to the magnetic method and eddy current method testing principles specified in ISO 2178, ISO 2360, GB/T 4956, GB/T 4957, ASTM B499, and other standards. The instrument is stable, accurate, and powerful. It is widely used in surface engineering testing fields such as the manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, and chemical industry, and is the basic equipment for the coating surface treatment industry.

The Fe-based probe can detect the thickness of various nonmagnetic coatings sprayed on various magnetic substrates (such as steel), such as the paint layer, powder spraying layer, porcelain coating layer, chrome coating layer, copper coating layer, zinc coating layer, etc. of iron plate.

NFe-based probes detect the thickness of all insulating coatings sprayed on non-magnetic metal substrates (such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.), such as the paint layer, powder spraying layer, porcelain coating layer, etc.


Product Name Standard Edition 4500 for integrated dual-purpose coating thickness gauge
Standard ASTM B499,ASTM D1400,,ISO 2808;GB/T 4956/4957,JB/T 8393
Matrix Fe/NFe
Probe type Integrated
Resolution 0.1/1μm
Measurement range 0~1250μm
Measurement accuracy zero calibration:±(3%H+1)μm
Two point calibration:±(1~3%H+1.5)μm
note: H is the sample thickness
Minimum measurement size Magnetism10×10mm
Minimum measurement thickness Magnetism0.2mm
Minimum curvature convex radius 5mm; concave radius 10mm
Unit μm
Size 102×66×24mm
Weight 99g
Working temperature 0~40ºC(10~90%RH without condensation)
Standard accessories 2 base (Aluminium Matrix and Iron Matrix), wrist strap, calibration film
Power supply 2 No. 5 batteries (AA alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery)

Coating thickness gauge 4500 manual

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