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ZC6012 multi-channel power amplifier

ZC6012 multi-channel power amplifier is a special power amplifier specially designed for speaker reliability tests. The whole machine has 10 independent power amplifier channels, the maximum power of a single channel is 40W, and the maximum output peak voltage is 55V, which can fully meet the test requirements of the rated noise power and a maximum power of small and medium power speakers. It can also be combined with our company's ZC6221 programmable noise generator/filter to carry out a variety of speaker power life tests.

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Model ZC6012
Output power (8 ohms) 40W×8
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Input sensitivity ≤0.1%
Input resistance 10kΩ
Type of protection Power fuse, boot soft start, mute switch, output short circuit protection, output DC protection, temperature protection
Indicator light Power supply, channel work instructions
Cooling system DC fan, forward and backward convection mode
Front panel control Power switch, volume control for each channel
Power supply AC 220V 50-60Hz

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