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Sound Level Meter/Noise and vibration analysis system/

AWA5636 Sound Level Meter

■  Compact pocket sound level meter

■  128 × 64 OLED

■  Auto range

■  Complies with IEC61672-2002 Class 2

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■  General noise measurement

■  Environemental noise certification

■  Factory noise investigations

■  Assessment of the risk of hearing damage

■  Traffic noise measurement

Items AWA5636-1 AWA5636-2 AWA5636-3 AWA5636-4
Microphone AWA14421
Frequency Weighting A,C,Z
Time Weighting F,S F,S,I
Frequency Range 20Hz ~ 12.5kHz
Meas. Range 30 dB(A) ~ 130dB(A)
Self-generated Noise <25dBA
Display 128×64 OLED
Outputs AC,DC AC,DC,RS232
A/D Bits 32kHz
Integrating Function NO YES
Measure Parameters Lp,Lmax Lp,Lmax,Lmin,SEL,E, Leq,T, Tm Lp,Leq1s, Lmax LFp,LSp,Lip,Leqt,Lpeak,Leq,T,LFmax,


Lex8h,LAVG,TWA, DOSE,L5,L10,L50,


Statistical Analysis Function NO YES
Integral Time NO Manual,10s,1m,5m,10m,20m,30m,1h,


Data Storage NO 128kb is optional NO YES,8000 Groups
Recoding & Data logging Function NO Optional(software authorized)
Overrun instructions NO YES, Limits can be setted
Power Supply battery 4×LR 6 battery 4×LR 6 or Lithium battery
210×48×27 mm
Weight 0.3kg
Working Temperature -10℃~50℃ -10℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃ -10℃~50℃

20 years industry experience

24 hours Technical Support

Professional engineers on line response

All life Costs Maintenance



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