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ZC5990D speaker F0 tester

  • High accuracy, the frequency error of the test signal ≤0.01%
  • High precision, the test error when five times of retracement is ≤0.1%±1Hz (±1 word)
  • The test frequency range is wide, 20Hz~20kHz when testing the full frequency range
  • Fast test speed, can directly display F0 curve
  • Convenient operation and clear display
  • Exquisite structure, easy to carry

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Brief introduction

The ZC5990D loudspeaker F0 tester is a special test equipment with very good test accuracy, accuracy and stability. When the test frequency range is set to 400Hz, the resolution can reach 1Hz. The smaller the test frequency range, the higher the resolution, which is very beneficial to the F0 test of the low frequency loudspeaker (box). A 4.3-inch color LCD screen is used, which can directly display the F0 curve of the speaker.

Model ZC5990D
Frequency Range 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Frequency accuracy ±0.01%
measurement accuracy 0.1%±1Hz (±1 word)
Frequency stability Better than 100ppm
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) ≤0.5% (full frequency band)
Maximum output voltage 5Vrms
Maximum measuring current 400mA
Operating Voltage ~220V±10%/0.25A
Working temperature 5 ~ 40℃

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