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LS137 UV Energy Meter

LS137 UV energy meter can simultaneously display UV intensity, UV energy and temperature value, suitable for measuring wavelength of 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and other UVALED light source. Mainly used for UV drying machine, curing machine, mobile phone UV coating machine, exposure machine, printing machine and other equipment of UV radiation intensity and energy detection. The instrument has a measuring range of up to 40000mW/cm2, and can measure UV intensity, energy and temperature at the same time. The UV energy meter can be measured in narrow spaces with simple operation. Equipped with a high temperature protective cover, still operate in high temperature environment.

LS137 UV energy meter is specialized for UVLED light source , if you need to measure high pressure mercury lamp halogen lamp and other light source, please choose LS136 UV Energy Meter

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LS137 UV Energy Meter

Suitable for UVLED light sources

Response range: 340nm-420nm, calibrated at 395nm LED
7.6mm thickness and 102mm diameter , simple operation
Long-term for high temperature resistance

Parameter LS137 UV Energy Meter
Spectral range 340nm – 420nm, calibrated at 395nm LED light source
Power measuring range 0-40000mW/cm²
Power resolution 1mW/cm²
Energy measuring range 0-999999mJ/cm²
Measuring accuracy
(H is the standard value)
H<50mW/cm²: ±5mW/cm² H>=50mW/cm²: ±10%H,±5%H (typical)
Sampling speed 2048 times/second
Recording period 32 min
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V@400mAh
Display 128X64 Dot matrix OLED
Dimension Diameter 102mm* thinkness 7.6mm
Weight 136g

Wide spectral response range

LS137 has a wide spectrum response range of 340nm-420nm, suitable for measuring 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and other wavelengths of UV LED light source.

Energy, power and temperature are measured simultaneously

Real-time power value and real-time temperature value can be dynamically displayed during measurement.The energy accumulation value, maximum power value and maximum temperature value are displayed after the measurement.

Portable and compact

With the thickness of 7.6mm and diameter of 102mm, LS137 is suitable for narrow measuring space.



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