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Noise dosimeter/

ASV5910+-2 Noise Dosimeter

■  Attractive design, mini-sized and  weighs only  85g

■  Modular design, cable-free, and dual channels

■  Comply with IEC61672, IEC61252 and ANSI S1.25

■  Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

■  Software package, downloads to PC

■  Variety mounting methods

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Model ASV 5910+ noise dosimeter is used for personal noise exposure measurements around the workpalce. With attactive design, the ASV 5910 is mini-sized and easy to cooperate.

Model: ASV5910+-2 Noise Dosimeter
Applied Standards:


IEC 61252:2002 Personal Sound Exposure Meters,

IEC61672-2002,Class 2;

ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters

Microphone: 1/4 inch pre-polarized condenser field replaceable threaded microphone 
Channel:                                Dual channels
Measurement Range: 40-140dBA
Peak C Measuring Range:    70 to 143dB
Frequency Range:                 20Hz to 12.5kHz
Frequency Weightings:         Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z for each channel
Time Weightings:                 Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak for each channel
Selectable thresholds :          40 to 90dB
Exchange rates:                     3, 4, 5 and 6
Selectable criterion:              70 to 90dB
Dose exposure measurement range: 0.01Pa²h ~ 99.99Pa²h
Noise dose-measuring range: 0% ~ 9999%
Integrating time 1 second ~ 24 hours
Memory capacity:                 32GB TF card
A sampling interval of statistic analysis: 0.01s
Calibration information:       Calibration dates, times, and levels
Internal software function:   Integrating Function,  Statistical Analysis Function
Security:                                Lock via keys
Power supply:                        Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery life:                           Over 16 hours run capacity
Dimensions:                          68(H)×68(W)×20(D)mm
Weight:                                  95g
Working Temperature:         -15℃~50℃
Display                                128×64 LCD
Output:                                   Mini USB port
Measure Parameters:


LXYp,  LXeq,T,  LXYmax,  LXYmin,  LN (Note:  X is A, C, Z; Y is F, S, I; N can be 1-99)

SEL,  Lex,8h,  Lavg, TWA,  DOSE,  E,  SD,  LXpeak

Precision recording function:   32kHz,16bit High sample frequency, high accuracy. big capacity files for further analysis.
 16kHz,16bit Medium sample frequency, and medium capacity files for further analysis.
 8kHz,8bit Low sample frequency, low capacity files only for monitoring

■   Precision noise measurement

■   Sound level logging and precision recording

■   Personal noise exposure measurement in the workplace

■   Occupational noise evaluation

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