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Sound Level Meter/Noise and vibration analysis system/

AWA5661 Sound Level Meter

■  Small and lightweight, fit in a pocket

■  Latest Digital Signal Processing Technology

■  Wide Dynamic Range

■  RS232 output is available

■  Wide Warm Design, Operating Temperature from -15 ℃ to 50 ℃

■  Complies with IEC 61672 Class 1

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The model AWA5661 sound level meter has adopted advanced digital detection technology and has reliable and steady performance, wide linear operating range etc.

Items AWA5661-1 AWA5661-1B AWA5661-1C AWA5661-2 AWA5661-3
Specialty Precision pulse Low noise measurement High noise measurement Precision integral Super function
Microphone AWA14425 AWA14411 AWA14435 AWA14425
Frequency Weighting A, C, Z
Time Weighting F, S, I, Peak
Frequency Range 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Meas. Range 25dB(A)~140dB(A) 17dB(A)~132dB(A) 45dB(A)~160dB(A) 25dB(A)~140dB(A)
Self-generated Noise <18 dBA <10 dBA <38 dBA <18 dBA
Display 128 × 64 OLED
Outputs AC, DC, RS 232 AC, DC, RS 232, USB
Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Integrating Function NO YES
Integrating Time NO Manual,10s,1m, 1s~24h
Main parameters of measurement Lp, Lmax, Lpeak Lp, Leq, T, Lpeak, Lmax, Lmin, SEL, E LFp, LSp, LIp,Leq,t, Lpeak, Leq,T, LFmax, LFmin,LSmax,LSmin,LImax,LImin,SEL,Lex8h,

LAVG, TWA, DOSE, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, SD, Ts, Tm, Volt, Date, Time, E.

Statistical analysis function NO Optional (software authorized) YES
Over limit indication YES, Limits can be settled
Data Storage NO YES,8000 Groups
Recoding Function NO Optional (software authorized)
Power Supply Battery 4×LR 6 or Lithium battery
Working Temperature -15 ℃~ 50 ℃

■  Widely use in Industrial Noise Surveys; machinery, vehicles, ships and etc

■  Community and industrial noise measurement

■  Checking compliance with noise rating recommendations

■  Traffic noise measurment



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