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CRY2100 Series noise sensor/

CRY2120 Noise sensor

CRY2120 Noise sensor is small and has integrated signal conditioning, amplification, sampling and computation circuits. It provides an industrial universal RS-485 communication interface / 4-20 mA analog output / Modbus and other data transmission modes.

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CRY2100 series noise sensor is a new type of noise sensor for industrial applications. Products execute IEC61672 class1/2 and GB/T3785 class1/2. CRY2100 series noise sensor has a tiny structure and is equipped with a precision measurement microphone which guarantees good temperature and humidity characteristics. The noise sensor which integrates with the signal conditioning circuit and the DSP chip can provide a dynamic range up to 110dB, and measure ambient noises as low as 25 dBA. The noise sensor also has an RS-485 bus interface which can support Modbus RTU protocol and a 4-20mA analog signal output port.

  • Small volume, stainless steel case, and excellent corrosion resistance
  • Equipped with precision measurement microphone, internal integrated preamplifier, high precision ADC, and high speed DSP processor
  • Excellent performance with 110 dB dynamic range, able to measure the noises as low as 25 dBA
  • Supporting SPL Lxy measurement, X supports A, C, and Z frequency weighting modes, y supports F, and S indicates the time weighting mode
  • Support 1/3 octave analysis
  • The device uses the RS485 bus and our customized communication protocol for data communication, and another version that supports Modbus RTU Communication Protocol is optional.
  • The products of this series have been widely used in the detection, monitoring and evaluation of noises generated by machinery and equipment, traffic trunks, industrial enterprises, construction sites, and community living environments, etc.
Technical specifications of CRY2120 noise sensor
Applicable Standards IEC61672 (Class 1) and GB/T3785 (Class 1)
Standard Microphone CRY333
Optional Microphone CRY311(1/2” to 1” adaptor required)
Measurement Range 25~130dBA (Due to slight differences in the sensitivity of the supported microphones, this value shall be subject to the actual product specification.)
Dynamic Range ≥ 110 dB,with no need for measuring range switching
AD sampling rate 48kHz
Detection mode Full digital
Receiver noise 19dB(A)、21dB(C)、27dB(Z)
Frequency range 10Hz~20kHz
Frequency weighting A、C、Z
Time weighting F、S
Measurement indicator Lxy(x=A/C/Z,y=F/S)
Data refresh cycle 50ms
Sound pressure level (SPL) output RS-485;4~20mA,1~5V or 2~10V(either of the three)
Supply voltage DC 5-24V(For current output and voltage output, please use high supply voltage for power supply.)
Overall Dimension ɸ24.5mm×111mm
Weight 115g
Operating conditions -10~+50 ℃;RH: ≤ 90% (without condensation)


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