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Measurement condenser microphone TYPE 7012 (TYPE 1)

Measurement condenser microphone ACO 7012 (TYPE 1)

Type TYPE 7012(TYPE1)
Appearance type7012_7013
Frequency Response Characteristic Free-Field
Nominal Diameter 1/2 inch
Release voltage -36dB (15.8mV/Pa)
Polarization voltage 200V
Frequency Characteristics 10Hz~40kHz
Maximum sound pressure level 160dB
Self-noise level 19dB(A)
Temperature coefficient 0.007dB/℃ or less
Preamplifier Type TYPE4012
Operating Temperature・
Range of Humidity
-10℃~+50℃・90%RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature・
Range of Humidity
40% or less (at room temperature)
Outline size Φ13.2×12.6
Weight 6.0g

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A Preamplifier integrated microphone compatible with IEPE can be connected directly to an FFT analyzer or other analyzers, enabling measuring with highly accurate resolution at low costs.
Long-term stability realized by accelerated aging under 360℃ enables use under 100℃ or higher.
A condenser microphone is to be used to measure sound pressure levels with high resolution over a wide frequency range.
Varieties of microphone diaphragm diameters 1,1/2, 1/4, 1/6, and 1/8 inch and corresponding frequency characteristics would best support measurements of various purposes.
These measurement microphones’ diameters and electroacoustic characteristics comply with the international standard IEC 61094-4:1995.
It also complies with the microphone specifications required by IEC 61672, which is an important standard for measurement systems such as Class 1/ Class 2 sound level meters.
TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 indicate compliance with IEC 61672 Class 1 and Class 2, respectively.

Wide frequency range
Wide range of measurement from low-frequency to ultrasonic frequency(1Hz~200kHz) is possible.Wide dynamic range
Measurement of high sound pressure level up to 170dB is possible.

Preamplifier integrated microphone
It is also possible to connect directly to analyzer by using BNC cable.

For high sensitivity requirement
If high sensitivity is required, Type 7146/4152N20 offers 500 mV/Pa and it can measure from low sound pressure level..
It can be directly connected to equipment such as FFT Analyzer. and is easy to use.



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