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QUICK 303D Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Station


Power consumption 120W
Range of temperature 50℃~500℃(Decide by working mode)
Highest Ambient Temperature 40℃
Temperature Stability ±2℃/Without airflow and no load
Dimension 165(L)*130(W)*150mm(H)
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Heating Element Electromagnetic heater
Handle Power Cord Length 1.2m (The length can be decided by the user)
Length of Handle (Without Cord) 140mm
Weight About 3.2kg

  • Product Detail
  • Features

This unit is an intelligent lead-free soldering station with a double temperature display. The soldering station’s temperature adopts an LCD double temperature

display and digital calibration, shortcuts, and convenience. The sensor is designed in the front of the tip, and the temperature induction is very exact and

sensitive, the speed of heating and the recovery of temperature is very fast. So it is a perfect tool for lead-free soldering.

1、The sensor closes to the tip and can get the temperature of the tip exactly and rapidly.

2、The speed of heating up and the recovery of temperature are very fast.

3、A reliable grounding system of the tip makes sure the voltage and the grounding resistance of the tip are according to international standards.

4、The tip and the heating element both are inserted in – a pull-out type, and replacing is convenient.

5、With LCD, double temperature display.

6、Digitally calibrate and operate conveniently.

7、Set the upper and down limit of temperature, and realize alarming when over the range of up and down the limited temperature.

8、Set the time of auto sleeping and turning off.

9、The soldering handle is light and using is convenient.

10、Especially suitable for lead-free soldering.

11、ESD is safe by design.

(1)、As the contrary order of the disassembling method, insert the heating



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