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Industrial Acoustic Imager/

CRY2623 Industrial Acoustic Imager

  • The equipment is simple and convenient to operate and can be used quickly. It only needs to adjust two parameters, the test frequency range and test dynamic range to meet the vast majority of test requirements.
  • Support camera mode, video mode, and the data recording on the job site are flexible.
  • A large capacity TF data memory card can be expanded also test results can be exported and reported quickly.
  • Support leak assessment function to evaluate the leak level and leak volume.
  • It features PC-based Report Generation Software, just one click to export test reports.
  • Support ultrasonic monitoring.
  • High efficiency, instant imaging, and rapid positioning of fault points in the screen.

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CRY2623 is a hand-held industrial acoustics imager that supports an ultrasonic frequency band. The instrument uses the microphone array beamforming technology to acquire the sound source distribution data and collects the video images in real time with the high-definition camera. By integrating the sound source distribution data with the video image, the changing sound source is dynamically presented on the display screen.

CRY2623 Industrial Acoustic Imager helps you quickly detect possible air, gas, and vacuum leakage faults in noisy industrial environments. An electrical device with a partial discharge fault is found in the power system. The industrial acoustics imager is made of an aluminum alloy shell, which is strong and durable and can adapt to the complex and changeable working environment.

CRY2623 is especially for our overseas customers with an English/Korean/French user interface. It features both Partial Discharge and Gas Leakage detection functions and can show partial discharge type, estimation of gas leakage, and loss value

Gas Leakage Detection

When a leak or vacuum leak occurs in any pressurized gas, turbulence is created by the gas flow, and the turbulence emits acoustic energy, which covers the audible domain and the ultrasonic frequency band. In the general environment, noisy ambient noise can very easily mask the acoustic signal in the audible domain. So through the CRY2623 imager to detect the possible ultrasonic frequency band sound source in the environment, you can quickly locate the location of the gas leakage.

Airtightness Test

Most of the existing equipment airtightness testing programs are based on pressure-holding, water immersion, and soap water, they are extremely inefficient. Acoustic imaging gas tightness test method, using the ultrasonic microphone and acoustic imager combination, the ultrasonic microphone is placed in the object to be tested. If there is a leak, its internal ultrasonic source is emitted through the leak hole to the outside and thus accurately captured by the acoustic imager. This method is very efficient and does not cause damage to the object to be measured.

Abnormal Noise Locating

CRY2623 acoustic imager can help you quickly locate defects such as valve rattling, abnormal structural vibration, and other noise type of fault, to help you better monitor the status of equipment and control product quality.

Microphone Array
Microphone 128-channel MEMS
Test Frequency Range 2kHz-48kHz
Detection distance range 0.3m-120m
Microphone sensitivity -26dBFS
Sensitivity 10m 5bar 0.92ml/s

0.5m 5bar 0.55ml/s

Max. sound pressure 120dBSPL
Acoustic frame rate 25fps
Acoustic FOV 62°   2xzoom in
Test Sound Pressure Level Range 25.7dBA-132.5dBA
Test SPL dynamic range 0.5dB-12dB,up to 110dB
Camera & Optical system
Camera Focal Length Fixed length 3.04mm
Pixel 8 million pixel
Size 7inch with touchscreen
Resolution 1024*600
Touchscreen Capacitive Touchscreen
Brightness Adjustable
Internal Storage 8G
External Storage External Storage of at least 64GB
Image format .jpg
Video format .mp4
Power and Charge
Battery Capacity 6600mAH@7.2V
Battery Life Min 4 Hours+Extra Battery or Power Bank
Battery Charging Time Max 3 hours
Charge Port USB-TypeC port with USB PD fast charging protocol


Communication Interface
Communication Interface USB3.0 TypeC
Headphone 3.5mm socket(only for audible range signal)
Other Specifications
Work Temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~50℃
Mechanical 272*174*42mm
Weight 1.7KG(including hand strap and shoulder strap accessories)
Language Chinese/English/Korean/French
Image Refresh Rate 25FPS
Protection Level IP54(5-dustproof, 4-rainproof)
Other new functions Support leakage evaluation, Test report export, ultrasonic monitoring

One-year free warranty

20 years of  industry experience

24 hours Technical Support

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