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CRY5520 Audio signal generator

CRY5520 Audio signal generator can store 8 sets of different setting data during the application, with no need for repeated settings. Once the user finishes settings, it will be convenient to retrieve the saved settings for later use.

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point and sweep time can be set randomly. Manual frequency modulation is divided into rough modulation and fine modulation, which can quickly and accurately modulate frequency. It adopts a 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD and simultaneously displays frequency and voltage values with synchronous output.


Technical specifications of CRY5520
Output waveform Sine wave
Frequency range 20~20 kHz
Output voltage amplitude 0~12.8V (8 Ω load)
Max. output power 20W
Sweep mode Logarithmic
Sweep ratio 1:1000
Sweep time 1.0~2.0s
Synchronous output Square wave
Frequency Response ±0.2dB(50~1000Hz),±0.5dB(20~20000Hz)
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤0.3%(10W) (manual frequency modulation)
Frequency error ≤0.5%
Warm-up time 15min
Operating environment 0~40℃
Power supply 50Hz,220V±10%
Configuration checklist
Main unit 1set
Power cord, the signal line 1set



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