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ZC1316 series audio frequency sweep signal generator

Model ZC1316-20/40/60/100
Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz  resolution: 1Hz
Sine wave output amplitude 0.01Vrms-15Vrms(20W)/18Vrms(40W)
Resolution: 0.01Vrms
Output voltage error ≤1%
Sine wave distortion ≤0.2% (20W, 8 load), the rest ≤0.8%
Output Power ZC1316-20 (20W)
ZC1316-40 (40W)
ZC1316-60 (60W)
ZC1316-100 (100W)
Sweep mode Logarithm
Sweep ratio 0.736111111
Sweep time 0.1s-20s
output method Power output, synchronous output
Power supply 220V±10%,50Hz±2Hz
Dimensions 320mm×380mm×120mm

  • Product Detail

ZC1316 series audio frequency sweep signal generator is a powerful instrument that uses the latest foreign electronic technology and a novel voltage-controlled RC oscillator circuit to generate pure sine wave signals. The output voltage and frequency of the output waveform of this series of instruments are all displayed by digital tubes, and all working parameters are set by buttons and potentiometers. It has the advantages of sweeping frequency range up to 1:1000 or more, high output power (up to 200W), and low waveform distortion. The power amplifier has functions such as power-on delay output, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, overload current-limiting protection, over-amp output protection, over-temperature display, and overload display.



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