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Industrial Acoustic Imager/

CRY2623M Fixed Acoustic Imager

  • 128 digital MEMS microphones
  • 24/7 Real-time monitoring
  • Small size easy to install
  • Early detection of equipment problems
  • Find faults that cannot be found
  • Factory automation product inspection & Alarms

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CRY2623M Fixed Acoustic Imager uses microphone array beamforming technology to obtain sound source distribution data and cooperates with high-definition cameras to capture video images in real-time. It can help users realize remote monitoring systems based on the local network (LAN, WIFI, etc.), wide area network (WAN, ADSL, 4G, and private network, etc.), and help users realize industrial digital transformation, and support remote real-time monitoring of video images. As such, this provides facilities with further insight into product quality or safety issues, as well as the ability to rapidly detect them. Changes to

Intelligent Inspection System

The CRY2623M can also be used as a payload for inspection, including UAVs, robots, cars, or other mobile units, Realizingmore intelligent inspection, and monitoring applications.

Online Monitoring System

Fix CRY2623M acoustic imaging module in certain key areas, and achieve a full range of 7X24 hour fault monitor and alarm. Give you real-time, accurate information about the status of your equipment and instant notification of equipment failures.

Usage Scenarios

Priority areas containing dangerous gases. Key areas with a high probability of fault in complex pipelines. Key areas for testing that are difficult for inspectors to reach.

Main Technical Specifications
Device Model CRY2623M
Number of Microphone Channels 128 channels
Test Frequency Range 2kHz ~ 48kHz
Port RJ45
Data communication RTSP/RTMP streaming transmission
Camera Resolution 800W
Frame Rate 25FPS
Test Distance 0.5~50m
Weight About 1.3kg
Size 183mm X 169mm X 85.35mm
Storage 8G internal storage, 64G TF card expansion storage
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Supply Voltage DC12-20V
Power Consumption About 14W
IP Degree of Protection IP56
Fixed way Bottom 1/4 -20UNC thread/M5 screw fixing
Explosion-proof certification CNEX

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