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Microphone Power Supply CRY575




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CRY575 3-channel Microphone Power Supply is designed to provide constant current for the microphone with ICP

(CCLD or IEPE) preamplifier. Furthermore, channel 2 also provides positive and negative power for

classical dual-power preamplifiers. It has a wide-band frequency range, high input impedance, low output

impedance, and low background noise. CRY575 can be used with CRY506/CRY502 and third-party


The gain of CRY575’s each channel can selected from 0dB(×1), +20dB(×10) and +40dB(×100).

Front Panel (fig 1)

1、Gain select switches(X 1/X 10/X 100): For channel 1 and channel 2, adjust the gain individually, 0dB(×1), +20dB(×10), +40dB(×100) can be chosen.

2、LED indication(POWER): lights when the instrument is working.

3、Channel output(CH OUT):2 × BNC.

4、Channel input(CH IN):2 × BNC, used with ICP preamplifier.

Rear Panel (Fig 2)

1、Power and Gain select switch(ON-OFF)/(X 10/X 1/X OFF): This is a multiplexed switch. you can choose the left two gear to turn on the instrument, and it will provide 0dB(×1), +20dB(×10) gain for channel  3. Also, you can choose the right gear to turn down the instrument.

2、Power input:USB or 5V power adaper.

3、Channel input (CH3 IN):1 × BNC, used with ICP preamplifier.

4 Channel output (CH3 OUT):1 × BNC.

5、Channel input (CH2B IN): 1 × dB9(M), used with dual power preamplifier.



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