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ZC5990B loudspeaker F0 fast tester

  • Using the traditional frequency method test principle
  • Novel sweep frequency RC oscillator circuit and digital frequency counter
  • Can quickly test and display the resonant frequency F0 of various types of speakers, and can set the upper and lower limit ranges
  • The pass/fail judgment circuit is used to test and judge whether the speaker is qualified or not by means of sound and light prompts
  • Suitable for testing and use on the production line

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Brief introduction

ZC5990B loudspeaker F0 tester is a special test equipment with very good test accuracy, accuracy, and stability. When the test frequency range is set to 400Hz, the resolution can reach 1Hz. The smaller the test frequency range, the higher the resolution, which is very beneficial to the F0 test of the low-frequency loudspeaker (box). A 4.3-inch color LCD screen is used, which can directly display the F0 curve of the speaker.

Model ZC5990B
Frequency Range 10Hz~ 6kHz
measurement accuracy <1%±1Hz
Speaker impedance test range 2Ω~200Ω
F0 value judgment accuracy <1%±1Hz
Sine wave output amplitude 0~4Vrms
Amplitude deviation 3%
Sine wave amplitude-frequency characteristics 0.5dB
Operating Voltage 220V±10%

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