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BTS-2004 Battery Comprehensive Tester

Measuring range:

1) Battery voltage measurement range: 0-20V Minimum resolution 10mV

2) Overcurrent measurement range: 0-30A Minimum resolution: 10mA

3) Measuring range of internal resistance: 0-999mΩ Minimum resolution: 1mΩ

4) Measuring range of identification resistance: 0.1-999.9KΩ Minimum resolution: 0.1KΩ

5) Capacity measurement range: 100-10000mAH Minimum resolution 1mAH

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The basic functions of the tester include:

1. Quick detection of battery static parameters (main function).

Type of measurable battery: lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmium battery, lead acid battery, lithium ferrite battery

1.1 Battery voltage detection (lithium battery that is already under protection can be automatically awakened)

1.2 Battery internal resistance test (1-999 mOhm)

1.3 Battery charging performance test

1.4 Battery dischargeable performance test

1.5 Battery over-current detection (only for batteries with protective plates, test the peak current of protective plates)

1.6 Battery short-circuit protection function test (only for lithium battery)

1.7 Detection of identification resistance 1 (or thermistor) inside the battery

1.8 Detection of identification resistance 2 (or thermistor) inside the battery

1.9 The upper limit and lower limit can be set respectively for the part above which the value can be detected for quick screening sellhouse-asis.

2. Battery capacity test.

3. Individually selectable battery charging function.

4. Battery discharge function that can be selected separately.

5. Intelligent voltage test function

6. Instrument calibration function

Test speed:

1) Static test (test all functions): 1-3 seconds

2) Capacity test (1C current charging and discharging): 3-4 hours

Measurement accuracy:

1) Voltage measurement accuracy: 10V ± 0.5% (after calibration)

2) Current measurement accuracy: 2000mA ± 2%

3) Internal resistance measurement accuracy: 1000 m Ω ± 2%

4) Measuring the accuracy of identification resistance: 10KΩ ± 2%

5) Battery capacity measurement accuracy: 1000MAH ± 2%

Power voltage: 220V ± 10% 50Hz

Power consumption: max. 120W

Standard configuration: host+test pen+manual+power cord.

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