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Sound Level Meter/Noise and vibration analysis system/

AWA5636 Sound Level Meter Kit

■ Supplied with printer, calibrator, and case

■ Clearly LCD display, portable, compact, and simple to use

■ Prints noise level results on site with date and time of complaint response

■ Wireless printing mode

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■ Widely used in Industrial Noise Surveys; machinery, vehicles, ships and etc.

■ For Community Noise Ordinance Measurements and Nuisance Complaint Response.visit

Measurement Kit: Including:

● AWA5636-4 Sound Level Meter*1

● AWA6022A Sound Calibrator *1

● AH58F High-Speed Dot Matrix Printer*1

Sound Level Meter Specifications
Dimensions 210×65×27 mm
Standards IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 2
Accuracy Class 2
Application Sound Level Meter / Noise Dosimeter
Frequency 20 Hz ~ 12.5 kHz, Weighing A,C and Z weightings
Power Supply Lithium Battery and Battery life: over 30 hours of continuous use when fully charged.
Product weight 240gms
Measurement Range 30 to 140 dB
Display 128×64 OLED
Display Resolution 0.1dB
Calendar clock The date and Time are displayed
Frequency Weighting A, C, and Z weightings: F, S Impulse weighting peak
Measurements Sound Level Pressure (SPL) Min., SPL. Max., Leq.,Sound Exposure Level (SEL) with Date & time and Run Time continuously available on the displayLFp, LSp, Lip, Leqt, Lpeak, Leq,T, Lfmax, Lfmin, Lsmax, Lsmin,Limax, Limin, SEL,Lex8h, LAVG, TWA, DOSE, L5,L10,L50,L90,L95, SD, Ts, Tm, Volt, Date, Time, E.
Operation Mode Both in PAUSE mode & in RUN mode instrument displays SPL. Min.,SPL Max, in RUN mode measure instantaneous readings and convert them to Leq and send the data to battery operated portable printer and prints SPL. Min., SPL. MAX. and Leq
Memory Capacity Built-in memory 2 GB, stores 8000 groups measurement results or continuously store more than 500 hours.
Temperature Air Temperature : -10 deg C +50 deg C

Relative Humidity: 5 % – 95%

Air Pressure: 65 kPa – 108 kPa

Notes USB port downloads data to the PC for recharging. Adjustable Criterion Level, Exchange Rate and Threshold, Integrating time: 1s-24h

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