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Electroacoustic analysis system/

Bluetooth audio test

Test Items:

  • Speaker Frequency Response
  • Speaker THD
  • Speaker Balance
  • Mic Frequency Response
  • Mic THD
  • Mic Sensitivity
  • etc...

  • Product Detail
  • PM 0723
  • MPA 711 or MPA 318
  • AM 580
  • AudioExpert

Bluetooth audio test, Powered by AudioExpert

System Components:


MPA711 or MPA318


Audio Expert


PM 0723

BT,2ch IEPE,3ch AMP

Bluetooth audio connect
A2DP, aptX optional
HFP (Width Band, Narrow Band)
Scan mode or Address mode
2 channel IEPE exciter, gain: x1, x10
3-channel power amplifier

Complex, Powerful, and Stable, make it ideal for RD verification purposes. Cost-effective make it ideal for production test.

MPA 711:CM 311+A 801

Pressure, IEPE, CM 311+A 801

311 Pressure
Including CM 311+A 801
IEPE Excitation
Complies with IEC 60318-4

CM 311+A 801 is an ear simulator kit for making earphones acoustic measurements, which is coupled to the human ear by ear tip, or ear rubber.

CM 311+A 801 is a polarized ear simulator according to IEC 60318-4 (60711), including M 311 pressure sensor, and an A 801 preamplifier.

CM 311+A 801 + PM 0723 + AM 581 are a classical configuration for Bluetooth earphone test.

MPA 318:C 318+M 671+A 804

Pressure, IEPE,318

318 Pressure
Including C 318+M 671+A 804
IEPE Excitation
Complies with IEC60318-1 & -2

C 318+M 671+A 804 is an ear simulator kit for making telephone handsets and over-earphones acoustic measurements.

C 318+M 671+A 804 is a polarized ear simulator according to IEC60318-1 & -2, including an M671 pressure sensor, A 801 preamplifier, and C 318 ear couple.

EOL, Artificial Mouth, Low Distortion

Low distortion performance
Complies with IEEE269,661, ITU-T P51

EOL, we recommend the new generation AM 581

Low distortion performance.

Complies with IEEE269,661, ITU-T P51

AudioExpert Test Platform


AudioExpert is a software platform for audio tests, it is a flexible audio test tool for the R&D stage and it is easy to deploy to the production stage.

Based on virtual instrument technology, the whole system is composed of software and hardware. AudioExpert is the center software of this audio test system, using the powerful computing capability of a PC, it can generate audio output signal and acquire audio data, perform complete audio analysis function, furthermore, its flexible sequence editor and efficient execution engine, open program interface, data storage function, make the system has high performance and extremely high flexibility.

Production details

AudioEpxert has 5 core organic modules: Algorithm Portfolio, Sequence Editor, Remote Controller, Data Management, and Virtual Instrument.

[Algorithm Portfolio]

  •   Level & Gain Measurement
  •   Frequency Response
  •   THD / THD+N
  •   SNR
  •   Sensitivity
  •   Crosstalk
  •   IMD
  •   Wav Recall Analysis
  •   Octave Analysis
  •   Phase Response
  •   FFT/Spectrum
  •   Stepped Level Swept
  •   Stepped Frequency Swept
  •   Chirp Frequency Swept
  •   ANC Analysis
  •   Similarity Analysis
  •   Noise Measure
  •   Rub & Buzz
  •   Impedance Curve
  •   Thiele-Small
  •   Customized VI

[Sequence Editor]
Sequence Editor is a ready-to-run test management module for organizing, controlling, and executing your validation, or manufacturing audio test systems. It is completely customizable, so you can easliy modify and enhance it to meet your specific needs, including calibrating hardware, modifying stimulus signal, analyzing and post-processing acquired signal, customizing the data present, generating custom reports, and even communicating with another instrument (like DMM, Scope. Etc.)  or other automation equipment (like a robot, XY table. Etc.). This makes AudioExpert can be simply deployed while offering unlimited measurement ability.

This module also supports the user to call LabVIEW VI, this feature allows the user to extent AudioExpert ability, like chipset control, firmware down, etc.

Using the Sequence Editor module, you can focus your engineering efforts on more important tasks, such as creating a test strategy for your products and developing test programs that implement your strategy, while AudioExpert handles the sequencing, execution, and reporting tasks for you.

[Remote Controller]
Under this mode, AudioExpert runs as a server, waiting for the command sent from the customer’s software, all the command and feedback data can be customized.

[Data Management]
All the test data during the test process are stored in PC RAM, can easily be accessed by AudioExpert, and easily be manipulated, also, the data can be saved or used to report generation.

[Virtual Instrument]
AudioExpert offers several virtual instrument software panels for the user, this function helps the user easily access the hardware channel data. These panels include Real Time Scope, DMM, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, and Oscilloscope.


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