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CRY2100 Series noise sensor/

CRY2110 noise sensor

CRY2110 Noise sensor is a new type of noise test equipment developed by CRY Sound for industrial applications. Its product performance complies with such standards as IEC61672 (Class 2) and GB/T3785 (Type 2). The sensor is small in size and its stainless steel case is robust and corrosion-resistant. It is equipped with a precision measurement microphone, integrated preamplifier, high precision ADC and high-speed DSP processor. Its excellent hardware design provides a 110 dB dynamic range. With excellent performance, it can measure environmental noises as low as 25 dBA.

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CRY2100 series noise sensor is a new type of noise sensor for industrial applications. Products execute IEC61672 class1/2 and GB/T3785 class1/2. CRY2100 series noise sensor has a tiny structure and is equipped with a precision measurement microphone which guarantees good temperature and humidity characteristics. The noise sensor which integrates with the signal conditioning circuit and the DSP chip can provide a dynamic range up to 110dB, and measure ambient noises as low as 25 dBA. The noise sensor also has an RS-485 bus interface which can support Modbus RTU protocol and a 4-20mA analog signal output port.

  • Small volume, robust, corrosion-resistant, and stainless steel case
  • Equipped with Class II measurement microphone, highly-integrated internal hardware circuits, excellent performance
  • 110 dB dynamic range, able to measure the environmental noises as low as 25 dBA
  • Supporting tests at multiple sound pressure levels (SPL), A/C/Z frequency weighting, and F/S time weighting
  • Using RS485 bus and supporting multiple communication protocols
Technical specifications of CRY2110 noise sensor (universal version)
Applicable Standards IEC61672 (Class 2) and GB/T3785 (Class 2)
Standard Microphone CRY331
Optional Microphone CRY311(1/2” to 1” adaptor required)
Measurement Range 25~130dBA (Due to slight differences in the sensitivity of the supported microphones, this value shall be subject to the actual product specification.)
Dynamic Range ≥ 110 dB,with no need for measuring range switching
AD sampling rate 48kHz
Detection mode Full digital
Receiver noise 19dB(A)、21dB(C)、27dB(Z)
Frequency range 10Hz~20kHz
Frequency weighting A、C、Z
Time weighting F、S
Measurement indicator Lxy(x=A/C/Z,y=F/S)
Data refresh cycle 50ms
Sound pressure level (SPL) output RS-485;4~20mA,1~5V or 2~10V(either of the three)
Supply voltage DC 5-24V(For current output and voltage output, please use high supply voltage for power supply.)
Overall Dimension ɸ24.5mm×111mm
Weight 115g
Operating conditions -10~+50 ℃;RH: ≤ 90% (without condensation)


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