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CD-10M torque tester

Features: Daily inspection of an electric screwdriver!

1. Digital display

2. Unit switching is easy

3. USB terminal data output

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Model CD-100M CD-10M
Measuring range 0.10~10 Nm 0.010~1 Nm
Precision ±0.5% (499digit below ±3digit)
Show LCD4 digital representation
Measuring direction CW-CCW (Right-Left)
Measurement mode Track/Peak/Peak-Down/C
Judgment It can be judged whether it is qualified within the set range
Measured value Value//Average
Real time output Load torque, data output every 1/180 seconds
Data storage The measured value of 800 data/average value is equivalent to 10 statistical data
data output 19200
Power Supply Battery
Charging time Charging time 12 hours
Receptacle fitting □20/ □9.5
External dimension 160W*125D*55H
weight A1.5KG
Accessories Charger(Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz  output DC.5V)

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