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Ear simulator/

AWA6163 Ear Simulator

■  Frequency response and sensitivity measurements on insert earphones and headphones

■  Calibration of audiometers

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Comply with standard IEC60318-3 (IEC60303 -1970)

Model AWA6160 AWA6161 AWA6162 AWA6163
Name Ear Simulator 2cm3  Coupler Ear Simulator Ear Simulator (6 cc)
Fulfils Standard IEC 60318-1 (IEC 318-1970) IEC60318-5 (IEC60126 -1973) IEC 60711, ITU-T P.57 IEC60318-3 (IEC60303 -1970)
Frequency Range 20Hz~10,000Hz 125 Hz~8,000 Hz 20 Hz~10,000 Hz 100 Hz~8,000 Hz
Frequency Response ≤±1 dB ≤±0.5dB(200Hz~5,000Hz)

≤±1dB(125 Hz~8,000Hz)

≤ ±0.5dB(200Hz~5,000 Hz)

≤±1 dB(20 Hz~10,000 Hz)

≤ ±0.5dB(200Hz~5,000 Hz)

≤±1 dB(100 Hz~8,000 Hz)

Used with Microphone Model AWA14422 1/2 inch pressure field Microphone Model AWA14422 1/2 inch pressure field Microphone, also 1-inch pressure field Microphone Model AWA14424D 1/2 inch pressure field Microphone Model AWA14412 1-inch pressure field Microphone
Used with Preamplifier Model AWA14604 preamplifier or AWA14601 preamplifier
Operation Voltage Range for the Preamplifier 12 V~36 V
Length of cable 2 m
Accessories Ear Simulator fixed block Coupler fixed block,

Adaptor for 1/2 inch to 1 inch

Ear Simulator fixed block Ear Simulator fixed block
Uses For calibrating supra-aural earphones used in audiometry and telephone -entry applied to the ear without acoustical leakage. Frequency response, sensitivity, and distortion measurements on insert earphones, e.g. used in hearing aids, operator headsets, etc. For measurements of air conduction hearing aids and earphones, are coupled to the ear by means of ear inserts e.g. ear moulds or similar devices. For calibrating audiometers and audiometry headphone


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