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Technical specification:

1、Power:AC 110V±10%, 50Hz to 60Hz. For other specifications, please specified when placing order.

2、Resistance/Impedance measuring range:

a、0 to 120 Ω , Resolution 0.1 Ω

b、120 to 4K Ω, Resolution 1 Ω

3、Precision:DCR:≦±( 0.2% + 1 digit ) ; Zx:@1KHz:≦±( 0.4% + 1 digit ) ;

4、Frequency range of the built-in oscillator: 20Hz to 8KHz, continuous adjustable.

5、Dimension:36 ( W ) × 26 ( D ) × 13 ( H ) cm.


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1、Model-152A can measures the voice coil DC resistance value of loudspeaker, Headphone and receiver, As well as the AC impedance value of the afore-mentioned products.

2、With its built-in frequency oscillator, Model-152A does not need to connect with an external signal generator, Instead it can be able to measure the AC impedance value of the pre-measure products.

3、Its built-in frequency oscillator has a frequency ranges from 20Hz to 8KHz, Which is continuous adjustable. ( It can also connect with an external frequency oscillator, To set on the frequency value of the intend measured AC impedance value, Frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz are allowable.)

4、With Model-152A, users can preset their own qualified upper and lower limits, which are very suitable for speedy Q.C. in production line.

5、Model-152A has 2 LCD digital display windows, which can display directly the impedance value and frequency value respectively.

6、It can be served as a frequency counter, which is used to test the output frequency of other frequency oscillators, measurement range of frequency: 10Hz to 100KHz.

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