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Audio Analyzer A2

A2 could test many kinds of audio data for Consumer Electronics and Car Electronics, Such as mobile phones, earphones, loudspeaker boxes, Audio players, amplifiers, home theatres, TV, Set-Top boxes, and auto media.

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Control Software ATC

ATC control software provides all measurement settings and results in the display. Its main interface adopts a popular menu structure, including a menu bar, toolbar, test item selection, test condition setting, result reading, and other areas. The whole software interface is intuitive and easy to operate how much do timeshare points cost.

In addition to the basic test function, ATC also supports automatic tests, which can produce rich graphical results and reports, Pass / Fail judgment, etc. Reports can be exported to PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, RTF or MATLAB, and other formats.

Because all ABTEC audio analyzers use the same control software, it makes the test and results easier to share. All test settings can be saved in the same engineering file, which is convenient for R & D and production to share engineering files. Users can even embed the existing waveform file and graphic data into the engineering files, greatly optimizing the test.

1. Measurement Function:

Level & Gain & Phase

Frequency Response



DC Level/Sweep

Interchannel Phase

Scope Monitor/Spectrum

Frequency Measurement

Measurement Recorder

Stepped Level Sweep

Stepped Frequency Sweep

Compare Encoded Bitstream






Q-peak Noise

Level Ratio

Input Sample Rate

Acoustic Response

Loudspeaker Test




2. Hardware description

1. Analog dual-channel analog balanced and unbalanced I / O interface

2. Support linear encoding digital audio and optical fiber interface (AES / EBU, Toslink, SPDIF)

3. Support Bluetooth audio bit rate

4. Support up to 192K digital sampling rate

5. Support automated testing

1.System Performance

Residual THD+N (20kHZ BW):-106dB

2.Analog Generator Performance

Number of channels: 2 channels

Interface type: balanced XLR port, unbalanced BNC port

Signal type: sine wave, IMD signal, continuous scanning signal, multitone signal, noise signal

Support digital waveform file format: WAV, AC3, EC3, etc.

Sine Frequency Range:2 Hz to 80.1 kHz

Frequency Accuracy:3 ppm

IMD Test Signals:SMPTE, MOD, DFD

Maximum output voltage of sine wave: 16V (balanced) / 8V (unbalanced)

Amplitude Accuracy:±0.05 dB

Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):±0.01 dB

Analog output configuration: unbalanced and balanced, common mode

Digital output sampling rate: 22ks / S – 216ks / S

Support Dolby & DTS bitstream playback

Overload protection function

3.Analog Analyzer Performance

Number of channels: 2 channels

Interface type: balanced XLR port, unbalanced BNC port

Input impedance 100 kΩ || ≈ 200pF

CMRR ≥80 dB, 5 Hz to 5 kHz

Crosstalk: balanced mode > 90 dB to 20 kHz; unbalanced mode > 100 dB to 20 kHz

Maximum Rated Input Voltage:230Vpk

Maximum Bandwidth:>90 kHz

IMD Measurement Capability:SMPTE, MOD, DFD

Amplitude Accuracy (1 kHz):±0.05 dB

Amplitude Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):±0.01dB

Residual Input Noise (20 kHz BW):1.4 µV

Individual Harmonic Analyzer:d2–d10

Max FFT Length:1024K points

DC Voltage Measurement:Yes

4.Digital Generator/Analyzer Performance

>Digital interface type


unbalance:AES3-id,SPDIF, IEC60958-3


>Digital audio format

Linear PCM

Dolby, DTS

Support 8-24 bit digital audio

Sampling rate 22 kHz to 192 kHz

Accuracy ± 0.0003% [3 ppm]

5.General Index

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 428*318*120mm

Weight: 5kg±0.5kg


Options and upgrades

1.The bluetooth option to AX – BT – RD/PT

AX-BT-RD is the most best solution for bluetooth audio testing. Its built-in bluetooth wireless and bluetooth protocol stack, enabling engineers to direct measurement of the bluetooth device. To eliminating the unstable and inconvenience of the bluetooth Dongle , bluetooth audio test is more rapid, simpler and more reliable. Applied to the research and development testing.

AX-BT-PT is a fast connected bluetooth option specially for the production line test , best-in-speed,ease-of- use.

2.AX-SPK-RD/PT Software option

The SPK-RD option is specially for R&D engineer for loudspeaker products test,provide comprehensive acoustic measuring function. It includes the key acoustics parameters, loudspeaker impedance analysis, Thiele-Small characteristic and other parameters, the energy time window controls the environment respone reflection, and support waterfall figure and polarization diagram.

The SPK-PT option provides fast and accurate measurement method for production line measurement of loudspeaker products. One second sweeping signal,the analyzer will be collected the loudspeaker parameters that compared with gold unit to ensure the consistency of the product . At the same time, achieve the measurement parameters such as sound pressure level ,frequency response, Rub&Buzz, polarity, THD, etc.

3.AX-PESQ&POLQA option

Perceptual speech quality measurement, Perceptual methods were developed to enable evaluation of audio quality in telecommunications channels and networks that use data compression codecs or are of otherwise compromised performance, where conventional objective audio measurements do not provide useful results.

4.WIFI option AX – WIFI

AX-WIFI option is a cost-effective option that was produced by our company, it is suitable for audio testing of having WIFI function audio terminal products. It can connect with the product in real-time through WIFI, the connection function of RF is perfect,operation is simple,combined with our audio analyzer, which can meet various audio standard tests. Support wireless communication standard: WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band Ratio.

5.Acoustic option to AX-ACO

AX-ACO contains an ASIO (common such as USB headset or sound card) digital audio stream input and output function, contain fast sweep,multitoned sweepand continuous sweeping measurement, acoustic response , IMD. MOL. Dynamic range,FFT and other advanced measuring.

6.HDMI option: AX – HDMI

AX – HDMI option (HDMI + audio back channel (ARC) is a kind of multi-functional audio test option,it support monitoring and audio measuring. It has the advantages of powerful function, ease-of use and accurate measuring results, and can be widely applied to the audio quality testing of multimedia products.AX – HDMI option can provide all the standard audio measurements including level, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), distortion, phase, crosstalk, group delay, etc


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